‘Sorry doesn’t cut it’: Matt Hancock grilled by I’m a Celebrity campmates over Covid rule-break

Matt Hancock faced a grilling from his I’m a Celebrity campmates over why he did not follow his own Covid guidance.

The Tory MP, 44, was forced to quit in June 2021 after breaking Covid social distancing rules by having an affair in his ministerial office with aide Gina Coladangelo.

Now on ITV’s hit show, Mr Hancock apologised for breaking the guidelines and said he did so “because I fell in love with somebody”.

ITV News presenter, Charlene White then told the former Health Secretary that her aunt had died but due to Covid rules and regulations, she was unable to visit her in hospital.

"My aunt died from COVID in the first wave," she said. "So we couldn’t go to the hospital to visit her, I had to sit by myself in the church at the funeral, we couldn’t hug each other because we were following guidance.

"And I get you fell in love, I understand all of those things, but sorry, for a lot of families like mine, doesn’t really cut it."

Mr Hancock went on to defend the Government’s overall approach to Covid and asked for forgiveness from his campmates.

Later in the episode, however, Radio X DJ, Chris Moyles, questioned Mr Hancock’s motives in a discussion with another campmate, saying: “Forgiveness? Forgiveness for what? What are you sorry for?

“Is it for being caught? Are you sorry for having an affair? Are you sorry for making bad decisions? What?

“If you are going to be real, be real.”

Mr Hancock later told the cameras: “Lots of the campmates asked questions the public have got as well, and it is only respectful to just give completely straight and truthful answers.”