'It sounded like a bomb had gone off': Mayhem as car ploughs into family home in '60mph' crash

The yellow Seat embedded in the property, on Union Road
The yellow Seat embedded in the property, on Union Road -Credit:Lauren Everett

More than 20 residents rushed to the scene as mayhem descended on a usually-quiet residential street on Wednesday night (April 17).

Many said it sounded 'like a bomb had gone off'. And before they knew it, Union Road in Oswaldtwistle was flooded with blue lights.

A yellow Seat Leon had rammed through the wall and into the front room of a house, shattering the front window. Shards of glass and debris were scattered across the road and pavement.

Thankfully, the property was empty at the time of the incident. According to residents, a young family were just about to move into the terraced home, close to St Paul's Church of England Primary School.


Eyewitnesses told LancsLive and the Accrington Observer they saw two men running from the scene in the aftermath of the crash. The window has now been bordered up.

Stefan Walmsley was coming out of One Stop after buying a loaf of bread and was heading towards his Marble Street home when he saw the incident. He said "The car was going between 60 and 70mph. It swerved and hit the house and two lads got out and legged it.

"People on Albert Street came rushing out to see what had happened after they heard a loud bang. The noise had drowned out other noise going on in the background.

"It sounded like a bomb had gone off."

Police said no injuries were reported
Police said no injuries were reported, and no arrests have been made -Credit:Tianna Walsh

The 46-year-old support worker, who has lived in Oswaldtwistle for eight years, says cars 'fly up and down' the road during the night. One brave resident rushed to the scene to take the battery out of the car in order to prevent a fire and to keep everyone safe, according to another eyewitness.

As the property was boarded up yesterday (April 18), there was extensive damage to the wall of the house. The front bonnet of the vehicle was crushed and at least one of the front tyres was punctured.

Alan Chambers, who lives on Frederick Street, said: "About 20 residents came out to have a look at what was going on. The road was closed. I couldn't turn left.

"I saw fire trucks and the police were there too. There was a massive container to put the car in and it looked like there was a telescopic digger. I am not sure if the house will need stabilising following that crash."

Emergency services, including firefighters attended the scene and the road was blocked for several hours. Police said no injuries were reported and no arrests have been made.

Lancashire Police were contacted for further information and confirmed there were no updates.