South Carolina Trash Can Washes Up on Beach in Ireland

A trash can from South Carolina was discovered on a beach more than 3,000 miles away, in the west of Ireland, the City of Myrtle Beach said on Monday, November 8.

The city posted on their official Twitter that they received an email from Keith McGreal from County Mayo, who said he discovered the unfamiliar blue trash barrel on Sunday.

“Amazing to think it travelled all the way across the Atlantic. Over 5,500 km away,” McGreal said in the email.

While it is not possible to tell how old the trash can is, McGreal told media that it was covered in goose barnacles – an indication that it was in the water for a very long time.

The City of Myrtle Beach replied to McGreal, asking him to recycle their wayward trash can. Credit: Keith McGreal via Storyful

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