New South Wales Farmer Discovers Massive Mice Infestation

A man filmed swarms of mice scurrying around a farm on which he works, near Tottenham, New south Wales, on March 22 amid reports of a severe rodent plague in the area.

This footage, shot by Brody Roche and compiled by Storyful, shows mice clambering around housed farming equipment. At one point, Roche disturbs a group taking shelter under a sheet of corrugated iron.

Rural media reported multiple hospital patients had been bitten by mice.

“This is the worst plague I have seen,” Roche told Storyful, adding that while rodent numbers reduced following rain in the region, the mice “are still bad.”

Calling for an expansion on pest control options and financial assistance, New South Wales Farmers warned the mice were “decimating crops, destroying stored hay and invading silos, sheds and homes.”

“Action is needed now. This mice situation is only getting worse," the association’s president, James Jackson, said. "Mice damage reports coming in from farmers and rural communities from the north, south and central west are increasing significantly.” Credit: Brody Roche via Storyful