SpaceX's Civilian Astronauts Speak to Patients at Children's Hospital

Civilian astronauts aboard the SpaceX rocket Inspiration 4 spoke over video call with patients of St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in New York City on Friday, September 17.

The SpaceX rocket Inspiration 4 had launched on Wednesday, September 15, with plans to orbit for three days before returning to earth. The four crewmembers took questions from kid patients in a video call hosted on YouTube.

One member, Hayley Arceneaux, who can be seen floating upside down during the video call, works as a physician’s assistant at St Jude’s and is a former St Jude’s patient herself.

“I just want you all to know that we’re doing this for you,” Arceneaux says in the video. “We are thinking about you so much, I wanted to tell you that I was a little girl going through cancer treatment, just like a lot of you. If I can do this, you can do this, and I’m so proud of each and every one of you.” Credit: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital via Storyful

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