Spanish hotspot is latest to see 'tourist invasion' as locals demand change

Spain, Andalucia, Granada, Alhambra Palace, sunset
The Alhambra Palace in Granada is one of Spain's most visited tourist attractions -Credit:Getty Images

Spain's 'anti-tourism' movement is reportedly spreading inland as residents of another destination demand a crackdown on visitors.

Following Tenerife's demand for a change in tourism practices, locals in Granada are reportedly not happy at the city's number of visitors and have taken to social media to vent their frustration. An Instagram page has been specifically set up calling on others to join the protest against the city's "tourist invasion".

Located in Andalucia, Granada is home to The Alhambra, a castle perched high in the hills of the city and one of Spain's most visited attractions. The Instagram account named @albayzin_habitable refers to the city's historic Albayzín district and aims to fight "for a liveable neighbourhood and city".

In the profile's first post, published on Monday, a video of a large crowd of unknowing tourists can be seen walking through the small city streets, while long lines of visitors waiting for attractions are also seen. Translated into English, its caption reads: "Albayzín has entered an emergency situation that will soon be irreversible. To prevent this we need your help."

Even as a relatively new post, some have already flocked to the comments in agreement, with one Granada local saying they are just "decoration and characters" in the eyes of tourists.

They added: "The neighbourhood is ours. It always has been and we have always had visitors. But when the scales become unbalanced, be careful!!"

According to local news site Olive Press, an emergence of anti-tourist graffiti has reportedly popped up through Granada, with statements like “@tourist: don’t buy culture,” and “f**k Airbnb” scrawled on walls.

It comes as the Spanish publication reports of a major protest planned in Málaga, with a local tenants organisation announcing June 29 as the date for a "big demonstration" against poor salaries, rental prices, as well as "cohabitation".

Posting on Instagram, the Sindicato de Inquilinas de Malaga said: "Málaga has become an unlivable city for those of us who live in it. IT'S OVER! FOR A MÁLAGA TO LIVE AND NOT TO SURVIVE.

"The problem is well known: touristification and plundering of the territory, exploitation of housing, work and life. S****y salaries, s****y cohabitation and s****y rents. We are clear: IF I CAN'T PAY I WILL NOT PAY!

"We know that there are many of us who are fed up and determined to defend a friendly, liveable city, THE CITY OF THE NEIGHBORS!

"On June 29, the Malaga Tenants Union calls for a GREAT MOBILIZATION for decent housing and against the processes of touristification and precariousness of life. On June 29, it all starts."

On April 20, similar protests took place in the Canary Islands, where tens of thousands took to the streets in Tenerife for a revaluation of the tourism sector. On April 30, the Spanish island confirmed an exact date it will begin enforcing a new "eco tax" on tourists at certain beauty spots.

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