Spanish tourist gang-raped in India

Spanish tourist gang-raped in India

A tourist who was travelling on a bicycle with her husband was allegedly gang-raped overnight from 1 to 2 March in the Dumka district of India's Jharkhand state - a well-known tourist destination.

The victim was on a cycling trip with her husband to Nepal via Bhagalpur, they had stopped at Dumka when the assault took place. According to her statement, the couple had pitched their tent in a secluded spot near Hansdiha market.

While she was asleep, several youths from the area broke into the tent and took turns to rape her. They also used physical violence, she reportedly said in her complaint to local police.

Officers arrived on the scene in the early hours of the morning and arrested three people.

Another official mentioned the involvement of seven to eight youths.

Following the assault, the woman was admitted to the Saraiyahat Community Health Centre for medical treatment.

The authorities have opened an investigation into the matter.

Officers say she is undergoing medical examinations at the Phulo Jhano Medical College Hospital in Dumka.

"This is a condemnable incident and the police are taking appropriate action. The culprits will not be spared," said Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, regional minister of the state of Jhajhand.

The Spanish embassy in India has contacted the authorities and has sent personnel to consult in the region.