Speaker Lindsay Hoyle apologises after Gaza ceasefire vote descends into chaos

Sir Lindsay Hoyle is facing calls to stand down as speaker over his decision to allow a Labour amendment to the SNP's Gaza ceasefire motion on Wednesday.

Video transcript


- Where on Earth is the Speaker of the House of Commons? How do we bring him to that seat to explain how do we bring him to this house now to explain to the Scottish National Party why our views and our votes in this house are irrelevant to him? Madam, Madam Deputy Speaker, I'm afraid that I am going to have to try for a third time.

Can you please advise me where the Speaker of the House of Commons is? What mechanisms are available to bring him to this House? And as we wait for a deliberation to be made in that regard, I move that this House that you use the powers that I trust you have to suspend this House.

LINDSAY HOYLE: I have tried to do what I thought was the right thing for all sides of this House. It is regrettable. And I apologize for a decision that didn't end up in the place that I wished for.

And I say, again, I thought I was doing the right thing and the best thing. And I regret it. And I apologize for how it ended up.

I do take responsibility for my actions. And that's why I want to meet. And that's why I want to meet with the key players who have been involved.