The special message Taylor Swift sent to Welsh charity when she left an incredible gift

Taylor in a ball gown
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Taylor Swift has just made offered a generous donation to a charity in Cardiff, and also passed on a special message to them through her team. The singer, who offered Cardiff Foodbank a donation in Cardiff will leave "lasting and positive impact" on the city according to their CEO.

The superstar, who took Cardiff by storm last week and stole more than a few hearts when she incorporated the Welsh language into several parts of her show at the Principality Stadium, asked for a message to be passed on to the charity and the team, according to the CEO of Cardiff Foodbank, Rachel Biggs.

She told WalesOnline that the singer wanted to acknowledge the work that the whole team is doing, and they have also since been sharing their appreciation on social media. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter

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She said: "The person I spoke to in her team about the donation said that Taylor wanted a message to be passed on to the whole team to say thank you for the work they are doing at Cardiff Foodbank. So I have messaged all of our volunteers, trustees and staff to say Taylor Swift has said thank you for everything that you're doing.

"It felt incredibly genuine and I was on the phone for quite a while having a chat when they told us, firstly to say thank you but also got to talk about the real difference that it can make.

"There was no expectation of us posting about anything, or that they would post anything. So we could accept the donation and do nothing. But for us, Taylor Swift using her platform and her voice to shine a light on what's happening in terms of poverty in Wales is really important.

CEO of food bank in Cardiff
CEO of Cardiff Foodbank, Rachel Biggs -Credit:Cardiff Foodbank

"We are hoping that this will also help to generate awareness and get people talking to help break the stigma and to bring about change so that no one in Wales goes hungry."

The charity, which supports people across the city by offering emergency food to people in crisis, is part of The Trussell Trust's network of 428 foodbanks, which work to tackle food poverty and hunger in local communities, as well as across the UK.

You can find your local food bank and donate here, on the Trussell Trust website.