Spectator theatre critic boasts of using prostitute after arousal at lecturing professor's "blonde hair"

The Spectator's theatre critic has boasted of visiting a prostitute in an article after he became aroused by a "beautiful historian" giving a lecture.

Lloyd Evans was widely condemned for the column - with some asking why it was ever published.

In it, he describes heading to Cambridge University for a lecture by Lea Ypi, a professor in political theory, who Mr Evans describes as a "beautiful historian".

While she lectured about Kant and revolutions, Mr Evans said he was "absorbed far more" by her "blonde hair spilling over her shoulders ... than her political reflections."

He added: "I was desperate to speak to her afterwards, but I had no way to orchestrate a meeting."

Mr Evans then goes on to write that he headed for the "rougher end of Cambridge" for an "already arranged social rendezvous".

There he met a "petite, black-haired and buxom" woman.

In the piece published by The Spectator entitled 'My (surprisingly) decent proposal' he wrote: "I lay naked on the couch and she rubbed hot wax into my shoulders.

"A moment later she ordered me to flip on to my back as she dimmed the lights and raised one eyebrow at me suggestively. This was the cue for the negotiations."

The article has been met by condemnation, as well as mistakenly claiming the lecture was at Downing College - when it was at Darwin College.

Darwin College criticised the article, calling it "crude and offensive".

They said: "Absolutely appalled to see this Lea. Your fascinating, beautifully crafted lecture was a hugely appreciated highlight of the College's cultural year, and we hope your memory of the event won't be tainted by an audience member using it to write something so crude and offensive."

Professor Ypi herself shared screenshots of the article on X, formerly known as Twitter, and said: "Advice for scholars: next time you lecture on Kant and revolutions at "Downing" (@DarwinCollege) Cambridge, make sure your hair is neatly tied and that you're not blonde. Or else your research impact will be on the @spectator libido section."

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Fellow academics were quick to condemn the article and express support.

Some demanded an apology from the magazine, as one called it "unbelievably weird and gross".

However, when approached by The Telegraph, Mr Evans seemed to express no regret over the incident.

He said: "I just find clever and articulate women very attractive and she [Ypi] was physically attractive and that made me feel a bit lonely and then I ended up in a sauna bath.

"I was trying to encompass both poles of life, between the intellectual high-flying political philosophy and a sexual encounter.

"Of the two I found the sexual encounter much more satisfying and enjoyable."

The Spectator has been approached for comment.