Spice Girls fans filmed brawling in the audience in front of frightened children

Danny Thompson
Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie C of The Spice Girls perform on the first night of the bands tour at Croke Park on May 24, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

There was a little too much ‘girl power’ on show at the Sunderland Spice Girls gig, as female audience members were filmed brawling on Thursday night.

The disgraceful footage was captured and posted on Twitter by gig-goer Stephen Reed, who labelled those fighting as ‘cretins’.

The footage shows two women confronting one another, before one pushes the other and begins pulling her hair. A second woman then becomes involved and starts throwing punches.

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Other audience members try to get the attention of security to intervene as a young girl just feet away is visibly frightened by the ruckus and clings to her mother.

In the background you can hear the Spice Girls chatting onstage unaware of the mayhem amid their audience.

Spice Girls fans brawl at Sunderland gig

Reed posted the video in the early hours of Friday morning, along with the words: “This happened at the @spicegirls concert at @SunderlandAFC what a pair of absolute cretins, the poor little blond girl is clearly terrified, what the f**k is wrong with people man?”

Footage of the fight can be found here.

Spice Girls fan Gemma Coburn was near the incident as it happened, and labelled it ‘a disgrace’. She told the Mirror: "These are grown women, it's a disgrace.

"It's not something I'd expect to see at as Spice Girls concert. It's not the way to go on.

"There were kids there in front of us. It totally goes against the girl power thing the Spice Girls champion.

Spice Girls fans Brawl at Sunderland gig

"I just saw them kicking off all of a sudden. They were shouting and the next thing they were really going for each other.

"The video's only a few seconds long but the fight went on for ages.

"Security didn't come for a long time because we were sitting up at the top, at the back."

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The highly anticipated Spice World tour has been hit with a series of sound issues, with many fans complaining they were unable to hear the group at both the Dublin and Cardiff dates.

The tour continues in Bristol tomorrow night before a three-night run at London’s Wembley stadium starting on Thursday (13 June).