Spider-Man Street Vendor Swoops in to Save Motorcyclist Struck by Truck

A street vendor dressed up as Spider-Man in Tha Yang, Thailand, became a local hero when he saved an injured motorcyclist from being struck by traffic on a busy street.

CCTV footage, shared to the Tha Yang Police Department Facebook page on September 4, shows a white pickup truck driving into the rear-end of a motorcycle, causing the motorcyclist to fall to the ground.

Moments later, a person dressed in a Spider-Man costume can be seen darting across the street with a garland of flowers in hand in a bid to help assist the motorcyclist.

According to media reports, the Spider-Man is local street floral vendor Wasan Ketsuwan, who cosplays as a marketing stunt.

The CCTV footage had earned 541,000 views and 1,220 shares at the time of writing. Credit: Facebook/สถานีตำรวจภูธรท่ายาง จังหวัดเพชรบุรี via Storyful