Spotify Will Now Make A Playlist For Your Out Of Office Message

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a new feature that automatically creates a playlist to go on your out of office holiday email message.

Designed to help people who email you to discover new music - and no doubt to encourage them to sign up to Spotify - the playlists are based on tracks that are trending in the location you’re travelling to.

“Jetting off? Tell everyone with a playlist inspired by your destination,” says Spotify.

The new feature, called OOO, asks the user to type in their destination and then choose from a pop-up menu. There’s no option for ‘staying at home’ and smaller towns and cities are unlikely to be covered either.

Users then select whether the trip is for business or pleasure and select a mood, ranging from mood ranging from ‘relaxation’ through to ‘adventure’ and ‘party’.

Spotify will then create a playlist based on the the information given and will even write the user’s out of office message for them which can then be pasted into their email account.

Whether people sending an important business email want a jaunty musical reminder that the person they just emailed is away on holiday remains to be seen.

Image credit: Spotify