Springwells Tennis Club revamp in Airdrie can be game-changer after £46k investment

Airdrie’s Springwells Tennis Club hope their new £46k artificial surface is a “game-changer” and will see memberships soar, because they offer year-round play.

The biggest investment in the club’s possibly 113-year history has changed their outdoor courts from porous Macadam to a propylene artificial grass ‘carpet’ that means play can continue even when the weather is poor. An open day will be held by the Motherwell Street club to let people see the new courts for themselves, and if they wish to sign up.

President John Mitchell says the club are hoping to create more of a community feel, and welcome anybody with an interest in playing tennis.

John, who reckons the club has been in existence since 1911, said: “This is a massive investment for us, because we’re just a small club. It involves about £46,000 of investment in two tennis courts getting resurfaced. We’ve gone from porous Macadam to polypropylene artificial grass carpet on both courts. This will make a huge difference. It means people will be more able to play in more inclement weather.

“The balls will get heavier, picking up water off the surface, but what happens with the porous Macadam is that when it rains, you can’t play at all, because the surface is slippy. After a heavy shower, if the surface is wet, you still can’t play.

“On the artificial grass you will be able to play, which is going to make a huge difference to the amount of time available for members to play. This should be a game-changer for us, in that respect.”

John says they’re looking to increase their membership, but even as the only tennis club in the area, offer a lot to players.

He said: “We’ve got about 60 adults and 30 juniors, roughly, so we’re hoping to increase that. We’re short of female members and could do with more juniors. We take them in from six years old, but kids tend to drift away after five or six years, so what we’re hopeful of is that the new surface will allow people to play more often.

“Senior memberships are £150 for the year, and £60 for juniors, which we think is a great deal. We’re the only club in this area, Airdrie, Coatbridge, etcetera. Juniors pay £60 – where can you get that nowadays – and that includes Saturday morning coaching for an hour, from April until August, within that £60, and they can play up until 6pm. As long as it’s not pouring, people can play, and we’re hoping it’s an absolute game-changer.

“We’re also hoping to work with people who are disadvantaged, or disabled, and we’ve had a few primary schools down as well. We’re trying to encourage anybody and everybody, with a real community benefit. It is a private club, but we’re open to anybody who can play, and who wants to play.”

Anybody who is interested in joining can call Willie Scobbie on 01236 769518 or find them online.

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