Spurs submit new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium planning application to further boost FFP advantage

Spurs have now formally submitted their application to Haringey Council to increase the number of non-football events that can be held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in a year.

Tottenham announced record revenues in their latest set of financial results of £549.6million and, within that total, the club made £227.7million in commercial revenue, which includes sponsorship, merchandising and third-party events at the stadium. That money is a major driver in helping Spurs steer well clear of the financial fair play rules that have brought problems aplenty and points deductions for other Premier League teams and should allow the club to keep investing in transfers this summer to help overhaul Ange Postecoglou's squad for the title challenge the Australian expects next season.

The arena in north London has become a destination for major concerts in recent years with Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses all having performed there, and both Pink and Pearl Jam are set to take to the stage inside the stadium this summer. Spurs' home also hosts a minimum of two NFL games a year as part of a lucrative deal until at least 2030, while world championship boxing fights and rugby games are also held there, plus numerous conference and events.

With all of that in mind, the club have now formally submitted a proposal this month to Haringey Council to increase their permission from 16 non-football major events each year - those with more than 10,000 attending - at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to "allow up to 30 major non-association football events (MNFE) including music concerts and other associated changes".

The club sets out in its application that the current limits restrict how much it can grow and boost the local area and economy with more visitors.

"The event restrictions limit THFC's growth plans and the ability to drive greater socio-economic benefits to the local economy," it read. "Allowing greater flexibility in terms of the number of events is crucial to enhance the stadium’s role as a multi-purpose and renowned music venue in London.

"The stadium has already become a prominent venue in London's cultural and music landscape and hosting music concerts and other major events has become an important function of the stadium, but it must be given flexibility to grow. It is within this context that the club is applying to increase the number of MNFE at the stadium from 16 to 30 per year."

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Since the stadium opened in 2019, a total of 128 major events have been held there. Within the application, when it comes to any extra noise from the added events, it states: "A series of noise monitoring is undertaken during each MNFE at the sensitive receptor locations to ensure that the previously predicted noise levels are valid. Since the stadium opened and has held noise generating events such as music concerts, it has been found that the acoustic design of the Stadium is better than anticipated. The monitored noise data show that sensitive receptor locations are comfortably below the 75 dB criteria for live music events."

Spurs have agreed to certain limits on what they can do with a permanent cap on the number of boxing events, meaning no more than two in a calendar year, as well as a permanent cap on the number of consecutive non-association football events, with no more than four in a row.

There would also be a permanent cap on the number of non-association football events per week, with no more than five, and, unless agreed in writing with the local planning authority, no more than two weeks in any calendar year where there are either four consecutive non-association football events in a week or five non-association football events in a week.

"It is important to note the club does not envisage hosting 30 events every year, not least as its ability to do so is partly dependent upon the number of football matches being played," read the application. "The amendment is therefore sought to provide the club with flexibility to do so. This approach to provide flexibility has been demonstrated in the 2023 NMAs.

"For example, the stadium will be a host venue for the UEFA European Football Championships in 2028, bringing an international football tournament to N17 for the first time, and the club would like the option of hosting additional events ahead of the tournament, welcoming fans from across Europe. The programme of events at this time is unknown and so flexibility on the amount of events is required."

The application to the council also states how Spurs will look to make any new agreement directly benefit the local community.

"The club will continue to retain the popular community ticketing scheme for non-association football events. This ensures residents and community groups continue to have the opportunity to apply for complimentary tickets," it read. "The club will also introduce a 24 hour priority ticket window, enabling local residents and neighbours to be amongst the first to purchase tickets at face value before they go on sale to the general public. This will ensure local residents do not miss out on sell-out events.

"A new community grant scheme will also be introduced through financial contributions from every additional non-association football event held over the currently approved 16 events. The grant scheme will be administered by the club but in close consultation with the local community and elected members to ensure that the funds generated are directed to worthy local causes."

The application is now under review with Haringey Council with a consultation period until May 17 with all of the details available on the council's planning portal on their website.

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