'Squarey McSquareface' - Trafford council asked people for help to name new square... and they didn't disappoint

Stretford town centre is undergoing a £50m redevelopment -Credit:Bruntwood Works
Stretford town centre is undergoing a £50m redevelopment -Credit:Bruntwood Works

This summer Stretford is to get a brand new public square as part of the £50m transformation of the town centre. And the public is being asked to come with its name.

The contest kicked this week as the Stretford Town Centre Facebook page put out a call for ideas. And it's been inundated with suggestions.

But as you might have expected, not everyone's taking it that seriously. Several people suggested Squarey McSquareface, because no naming competition in the UK can be allowed to pass by without some wag suggesting this.


Other ideas included The Fresh Prince of Bel-Square and Jamiroquadrant, in honour of Stretford-born Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, and Costa Del Square because 'it's already got sun loungers'.

But, others have taken the competition a bit more seriously. They include Sarah Benjamins who suggested Rhubarb Square', because 'it’s quirky and memorable and makes people wonder, and it connects back to the history of the place and the land that was here before it was concrete and brick'.

Angela Louise Tuffley put forward 'Kings Square', as 'it's on the old Kings Street and it could honour our current sovereign'. Dominic Tomlinson suggested Porkhampton Square as 'It's the name Stretford was once known by, and is better than just ending up calling it The Square or Stretford Square'.

Others suggested naming it after notable Stretford-born figures including the late MP Sir Tony Lloyd, or famous visitors such as Mohammed Ali and Yuri Gagarin.

If you feel like getting involved an entry box will be in the Mall until Sunday May 19. Ideas can also be submitted on the Stretford town centre website.

The Stretford town centre forum will then decide on three entries to go to the public vote, closing on Sunday June 16. The unveiling ceremony will take place on July 6 where the winner of the and name of the new public square will be announced.

James Tootle, head of retail and leisure at developers Bruntwood, said: "We want to hear from as many people as possible so please do come and see us at the Stretford socials and submit your ideas, or do so via the postbox in the Mall, or online."

A spokesperson for Trafford council said: "The public square will be an exciting and vibrant addition to the new-look Stretford town centre. We would encourage as many people as possible to take part – good luck!"