Ash-covered streets after Caribbean volcano erupts

Locals on the Caribbean island of St Vincent are surveying the damage after a volcano erupted on Friday, following decades of inactivity.

Rumbling noises could be heard from La Soufriere volcano, as grey ash blanketed cars, buildings and roads showing a ghost-like landscape in the capital Georgetown.

On Saturday, a disaster response member who gave his name as Bill, explained that the eruption has big implications for the farming community.

"Life will be very difficult for people within this side of the country."

In a statement at 10am Saturday, emergency services warned that those living close to the volcano should be prepared to evacuate.

The Prime Minister said it was unclear how much more ash would vent from the volcano and said more than 3,200 people were now in shelters.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where just over 100,000 people live, has not experienced volcanic activity since 1979.

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