Stacey Solomon apologises to fans after accidentally flashing them on Instagram

Stacey Solomon has issued an urgent apology to fans after she accidentally flashed her followers during an Instagram video.

The Loose Women star took to social media to apologise to viewers about flashing her kickers as she captioned the clip: "Omg apologies for the granny pants flash."

Speaking to the camera, Stacey said: "I'm sorry about my granny pants this morning, I didn't even realise. I just love them so much.

"I just think they're the most comfortable underwear and I wear them all the time and sometimes they just do happen to be longer than my shorts."

She giggled throughout the video as she explained what had happened. The original footage where she showed off her knickers to fans included her and her youngest son Rex spending the day together.

Stacey issued an urgent apology to her followers after accidentally 'flashing' fans -Credit:staceysolomon/Instagram
Stacey issued an urgent apology to her followers after accidentally 'flashing' fans -Credit:staceysolomon/Instagram

This comes as the mum-of-five recently admitted she once "lost it" when her husband Joe Swash was away from their family home for three days and she was left to look over their young children.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2022, share three kids together; Rex, five, Rose, two, and one-year-old daughter Belle.

The former X Factor star also has two sons Zachary, 16, and Leighton, 12 from previous relationships, while Joe has a teenage son named Harry.

Speaking about life as a busy working mum, Stacey said she was thankful she and Joe are able to split parenting duties thanks to their jobs and are also lucky to have extra help from her family.

The 34-year-old claims she is chilled most of the timed despite having to juggle five kids with works with the exception of the one time Joe was away when she broke down.

The Loose Women star showed off her knickers by mistake online -Credit:staceysolomon/Instagram
The Loose Women star showed off her knickers by mistake online -Credit:staceysolomon/Instagram

Speaking to Oliver Patrick on The High Performance podcast earlier this year, Stacey confessed when Joe was filming in Guatemala and she was home alone with their children, it was "the most high stress environment" she has experienced.

She shared: "During the day, I never feel stressed but if I get to a point like the night time when I know I need to sleep, and I knew with that day Joe was coming back from Guatemala, I was going straight back to work to Manchester.

"So I knew the next day that I had to be even more on it to go back to work and do the handover, then not being able to get the kids to sleep stresses me out because I'm already anticipating the next day and how I'm going to deal with that next day. That is the only time at night where I might get stressed."

She added: "When Joe's home, this is why this experiment isn't always like this. I can be like, 'Joe I've got to go, I've got to go to bed, it's nine o'clock and I've got to leave at six in the morning'.

"Whereas, because I knew he wasn't there and I was doing the night feed, so then I was going straight back to work and he was coming back. I think I was just like, Oh."

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