Stacey Solomon defends Joe Swash after he's trolled over 'wrong' packed lunch for daughter

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon
Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon -Credit:FILE

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon fiercely defended her husband, Joe Swash, following a row about a packed lunch he made for their child.

Joe Swash, the 42 year old renowned EastEnders actor is wedded to 34 year old TV idol Stacey Solomon - they share four children: Rex aged four, Rose who's two years old, plus their latest addition Belle, born in February 2023. He's also a proud father to 16 year old son Harry, from a previous engagement with Emma Sophocleous - and dutifully takes care of two sons Zackary, aged 15, and Leighton, aged 11; both brought into the relationship by Stacey from earlier relationships.

However, trouble began when Joe uploaded a picture on Instagram of the lunchbox he'd packed for his daughter, Rosie. It was met with criticism from a few self-declared food experts.

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The innocent-looking photo showed a vibrant pink lunchbox filled with an array of foods separated into compartments. Yogurt tubes were placed nicely in one section, while another snapped cheese cubes. Segments of cucumber and carrot sticks took up another part of the box, the last compartment housing grapes, ham, and a biscuit all combined, reports the Irish Mirror.

With the image, he had included a straightforward caption which read: "Rosie's packed lunch for today?" The celebrity dad's post sparked a wave of criticism from followers, who were quick to point out the questionable food placement. One disgruntled follower remarked: "Nooo, the biscuit can't be next to the ham."

Another suggested: "Chop up the ham and put in the space next to the cheese, ya nutter." Fortunately, Stacey came to Joe's defence, commenting: "Omfg the lunch box police are out in full force today."

The couple, who welcomed baby Belle last year, have hinted at possibly expanding their family further.

Earlier this year, Stacey responded to fans' questions about whether she would consider having a sixth child. She said: "I can honestly say, my favourite thing in the world is being a mum. I just get so much joy from watching our little ones grow and getting to be a part of their world. I would love more. Whatever will be will be. But omg I love them (Joe will be off to get a vasectomy when he sees this)."

Meanwhile, last August, Joe shared his thoughts on the challenges of fatherhood with PA, saying: ""I think your body just adapts to your situation. So after you've had three kids four, five or six makes no difference.

"Me and Stacey have been tired for so long now that it's become the norm."

He then commended the older children for their support with their younger siblings, expressing: "Our older kids are a godsend, they really help out. They're always helping with dinner, they help feed the kids, they're amazing. We're really proud of our kids, how they all muck in and help and we don't ask them either, it's all done out of love. It's lovely to see."