Stacey Solomon fans in tears over Daniel O'Donnell's star turn on Sort Your Life Out

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Daniel O'Donnell in concert at The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. 29th October 1999.
Daniel O'Donnell memorabilia featured heavily in a home Stacey Solomon visited. (PA/Alamy)

Sort Your Life Out viewers have shared how they were moved to tears by an emotional video call from Daniel O'Donnell to a fan.

Presenter of the BBC One show Stacey Solomon visited the house of Sue, a woman who had become overwhelmed by clutter after spending 20 years caring for her elderly mother.

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Her mother had recently died and Sue, who had moved in with her as a carer, had returned to her own home with even more possessions, including a large amount of Daniel O'Donnell memorabilia that had belonged to her superfan mother.

Stacey Solomon shows Sue her new tidy home. (BBC)
Stacey Solomon shows Sue her new tidy home. (BBC)

At the beginning of the episode, Solomon was unsure who O'Donnell was, saying: "I've seen Daniel O'Donnell all over the house, he must be someone special...but who? He looks like a singer."

One viewer tweeted: "@StaceySolomon can't believe you don't know wee Daniel O'Donnell."

However, by the end of the episode Solomon had used her star power to set up a Facetime call with O'Donnell and Sue, although the shocked fan mistook it for a video at first before realising he was actually speaking to her.

O'Donnell reassured Sue that she had done an enormous amount caring for her mother and deserved to enjoy her new clutter-free home with her family, bringing viewers to tears.

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One viewer tweeted: "I say this every week but #sortyourlifeout is just the loveliest show. And this week a special guest appearance from Daniel O’Donnell who looks exactly the same as he did 30 years ago!"

Someone else wrote: "Ahh, Daniel O'Donnell on #SortYourLifeOut has brought back such fond memories from my nan and mum! Gosh, I'm an emotional wreck."

Stacey Solomon helped Sue and her daughters Nikki and Donna to declutter. (BBC)
Stacey Solomon helped Sue and her daughters Nikki and Donna to declutter. (BBC)

Another person agreed: "In bits after watching with Sue basically saying a goodbye to her dear mother and a new chapter beginning — Daniel O’Donnell what a kind man."

Someone else added: "The special guest appearance from Daniel O’Donnell pushed me over the edge…"

Fans heaped praise on the show and Solomon's hosting again, with one person commenting: "If you're not amazed and a bit teary at the end of #sortyourlifeout, you must have a heart of stone. It's so life-affirming."