Stacey Solomon says 'OMG' as 'lunchbox police' slam daughter's food

Stacey Solomon was left saying 'omfg' after followers slammed husband Joe Swash's lunch for daughter Rose
Stacey Solomon was left saying 'omfg' after followers slammed husband Joe Swash's packed lunch for daughter Rose -Credit:Getty

Stacey Solomon has waded into an online row sparked by husband Joe Swash posting a picture of daughter Rose’s packed lunch box. She felt the need to respond after people leapt on to criticise what was being put for the child to eat. One person said the grapes were a ‘choking hazard’ even though they had been cut into quarters.

The photo showed a variety of food, including grapes, carrots, cucumber, ham and a chocolate biscuit. However, people started hitting out. Sarah M warned: “Nooo, the biscuit can’t be next to the ham” while another asked: “What are you doing putting the biscuit on top of cut grapes next to the ham and a soggy biscuit?” Meanwhile, a third suggested: “Chop up the ham and put in the space next to the cheese, ya nutter.” Michaela said: “Biscuit soggy next to grapes, ham should be wrapped, just my opinion”

Mum of five and TV presenter Stacey, 42, said: “Omfg the lunch box police are out in full force today.” The Wills Family replied to her: “@staceysolomon honestly you wouldn’t think you’ve been doing lunchboxes for quite a while now.”

Many were actually envious with archietillytim saying: “Yum! I wish I’d had packed lunches like that as a child. The biscuit would be the first thing to be scoffed tho!” Laraanne said: “Some of these comments are hilarious I’d say Rosie is winning - this is great x”

Lunchbox policeperson payntes said: ”Please cut grapes again smaller as possible choking.” However Stacey reasonably replied: “They are already in quarters and cut length ways. Think she’ll be ok with those.”

Wingingitmum found it all rather funny: “the comment section has me creased!! The ‘constructive criticism’” Auzanne added: “Look at all the know it all lunch box police women with nothing better to do.” Shivvy said: ”People moaning about the biscuit touching the ham man my daughter eats the mud off her shoe and her crisps off the floor if she drops them.”