Stacey Solomon's £5.49 B&M hack transformed my bathroom in minutes

Grout pen from B&M
Grout pen from B&M -Credit:Manchester Family/MEN

In any family home, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces. With regular showers and baths, it's not uncommon for grime to accumulate and, despite a consistent cleaning schedule, things can quickly start to appear worn out.

One area that often suffers is the grout between tiles which, over time, can become difficult to clean. However, if you're short on time or funds for a complete regrouting, there's a simple solution.

This is a tip shared by cleaning guru Stacey Solomon on her BBC show Sort Your Life Out, reports the Manchester Evening News. She recommends using a grout pen to refresh old grout. "They're really good and they're so easy to use as well," she commented.

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Having noticed some areas of worn grout in my own bathroom, the MEN's Emma Gill decided to follow her advice and purchased one of the UniBond grout reviver pens for £5.49 from B&M. This was Emma's experience:

She was correct in saying they're straightforward to use. The product applies smoothly and any smudges on the tiles can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth before it dries.

It made my grout look almost new again and dried within an hour. "It's so simple," Stacey said. "Anyone can do it. Even if you feel like 'oh I haven't got a steady hand', you don't need one."

While it's not a solution for an entire bathroom, one 7ml pen goes further than you might expect, covering 60 metres of a 2mm grout joint.

I've taken more than one tip from Stacey before. Her 'Tap to Tidy' book is filled with a plethora of ideas for cleaning and home organisation, which I've utilised to declutter my kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom, laundry and beyond.

She also shares easy home makeover ideas, such as the £1.50 IKEA hack I employed here to help revamp my garden.