Stacey Solomon's coathanger trick gets perfectly made beds every time in minutes

Stacey Solomon attends the National Television Awards 2023
Stacey Solomon attends the National Television Awards 2023 -Credit:Getty Images

A bedroom expert has explained how a coat hanger trick loved by Stacey Solomon really is the key to getting a neatly made bed every time. Stacey Solomon has revealed her Christmas traditions and pet peeves with fans - admitting to having a few controversial opinions.

The TV presenter shared a sweet family snap of herself with her family and opened up about her festive traditions. She also revealed that she uses a coat hanger trick to make her bed every morning, which she says saves her time and effort.

Stacey explained that she started using the trick to protect her nails when doing chores, reports Bristol Live. Bedroom expert Ashley Hainsworth of Bed Kingdom said: "If you've ever looked at a hotel bed or a home Instagram account in awe at how neat their bed spread is, you're not alone. But actually it's easier than you think to get this look, all you need is a wooden coat hanger and up to five minutes."

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He explained that the coat hanger is a more effective tool to tuck sheets under the mattress and it pulls them tight to remove creases. It's much more effective than getting fingers wedged under the mattress and is even loved by "Tap to Tidy" queen, Stacey.

"The wooden coat hanger is sturdy enough to have some pressure put behind it and can fit into tighter spaces better than your hand can," Ashley explained. "It can also reach further meaning your sheets are pushed further under the mattress, creating a sharp, uncrumpled appearance."

"So there's no need to spend hours trying to iron the bedding. Use the coat hanger to push the duvet under the mattress or into the bed frame if your type of frame allows."

Ashley also shared some additional tips for achieving that hotel-style bed at home. He suggested: "Layering a mixture of textures can create a sophisticated look. This can be as simple as adding a throw to the end of your bed or adding a couple of scatter cushions."

"Plumping your pillows and fluffing out your duvet by giving it a shake can give your bed a plush look which hotels often have. Investing in a good-quality mattress will help, and of course, this is important to support you while you sleep and keep you comfortable."

"Adding a thick mattress protector can help with this if your mattress is in need of an overhaul. And adding a sheet between your duvet cover and fitted mattress cover can improve comfort."

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