'Stanley!': Mischievous Golden Retriever Puppy Turns Trampoline Into Chew Toy

A mischievous golden retriever puppy recently caused quite a stir in Lake Stevens, Washington, when he managed to destroy a trampoline in his owners’ backyard.

The incident occurred when the dog, named Stanley, decided to test his teeth and claws on the trampoline’s mat.

“The one time our golden retriever shredded our trampoline,” Kiely Huffman wrote in her post on TikTok.

“I heard the oddest sound outside and I could not figure it out, until I realized it was him shredding it. I stood in shock for a full minute,” Huffman said. Credit: Kiely Huffman via Storyful

Video transcript


Oh, my God.

Ruined my life.


No, come here, Stanley.

Oh, my God ruined my life.


No, come here.