Star Trek's Michael Dorn breaks down Worf's long-awaited return in Picard season 3

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Picard's Michael Dorn breaks down Worf's returnJames Dimmock - CBS

Star Trek actor Michael Dorn has broken down his iconic character Worf's return to the franchise in Picard season 3.

The actor famously played the Klingon in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and made his long-awaited comeback in this week's (February 23) episode of Picard.

This time, he's more of a pacifist, though harbours so much of the old Worf, and in an exclusive chat with Digital Spy, Dorn spoke a bit about getting back into the character, admitting it was a "very easy process".

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"Because the one thing that they did, which I really haven't experienced on the other iterations of this... the producers, we had a Zoom meeting together," he said. "And we really had an exchange of ideas....

"And they said, 'Well, we think Worf should be that', and I would go 'That's very interesting', you know, and so that was a real joy. Because you just don't get that that much."

The actor went on to admit that "the makeup is always challenging", though the show "made that a little easier" this time around.

"I was surprised how easy I transitioned back in," Dorn added.

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Dorn also chatted to us about Worf's new grey hair look in Picard, explaining: "When I had the Zoom meeting with the producers, with Terry [Matalas] and Akiva [Goldsman], they said, 'Well, I said, I want Worf to be this'. And he said, 'Well, we want Worf to be that'.

"They said we want Worf to have grey hair. Like, everything's grey. And my little ego went, 'I don't want to be old'," he added. "And then I thought of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, and that character Pai Mei, with the white hair... I mean, he could kill anybody.

"And so that was my sort of thinking, you know. That's what they did and we agreed on that. And I think it worked perfectly."

Star Trek: Picard airs on Paramount+ in the US and on Prime Video in the UK.

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