Star Wars fans might have figured out how the Sith will be covered up in The Acolyte, and it's bad news for Sol

 The Acolyte.
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Acolyte has a pretty big mystery on its hands: how can there be a Sith openly operating 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace without the Jedi Order noticing?

Well, some Star Wars fans might have figured it out – and it's not looking good for Master Sol.

"Why do I get the sinking feeling that… Sol is going to be the one blamed for the massacre on Khofar?" writes one fan on Twitter.

"Something is going to happen to Bazil & the twins, & a 'rogue Jedi' ranting (with no proof) about the Sith being at fault – the return of an Order unseen for centuries – for the deaths of a dozen or so Jedi killed by lightsaber for which he is the only survivor is not a good look, and that tragedy could very easily be swept under the rug by the Council, leaving Ki-Adi-Mundi's statement in TPM about the Sith still very plausible," they continue.

"Combine the events on Khofar with whatever Sol willingly confesses did happen on Brendok & he's well set-up to be a scapegoat here."

In fact, in The Acolyte episode 6, one Jedi Padawan already thinks Sol could've been to blame for the massacre that killed Yord and Jecki – and, though Vernestra doesn't seem to be taking it seriously, it's possible she might change her mind.

Though, one theory about Vernestra suggests that she might have been Qimir's former Jedi Master and be responsible for the strange scar on his back. If that's the case, then she should have an idea who could be behind the Jedi murders.

The Acolyte episode 7 is poised to reveal some major secrets, too, with Sol about to open up to Mae about what really happened on Brendok all those years ago.

We won't have long to wait for the episode, with The Acolyte dropping a new installment on Disney Plus weekly. For more on the show, check out our deep dives on: