Starbucks on its way to Great Harwood despite 13 objections from residents

A new drive-thru Starbucks coffee shop looks set to be coming to Great Harwood despite 13 objections from nearby households.

The American coffee chain wants to use a vacant ‘derelict’ brownfield site in Heys Lane for the development which will create 20 jobs. Camerson Midlands Limited submitted a planning application for the ‘contemporary’ single-storey drive-thru at the start of January.

Now an officer’s report has recommended that hyndburn-council>Hyndburn Council’s planning committee approve the scheme with 20 conditions when it meets on Wednesday. It reveals there have been 13 public objections to the drive-thru and one letter of support.

The objections include: that the introduction of a Starbucks in such a small town with ‘local grown’ coffee shop is unnecessary and the proposed café will affect local businesses and result in job losses. They also include that the development would worsen local litter problems, create traffic disruption to a small town, and that in a cost of living crisis most families can’t afford the prices of Starbucks.


The objectors say there is already an issue with anti-social car cruising and racing along Heys Lane and surrounding roads during evening the early morning hours and that ‘the instinctive charm and close-knit feel of the village would be compromised by the proposed development’.

The letter of support says the new drive-thru would generate jobs, and bring people to the town. The officer’s report says: “The area adjacent to the application site is one of the key commercial areas of Great Harwood.

“It is recognised that the proposed use is targeted towards passing motorists. The development will seek the removal of 34 existing car parking spaces from the total of 126 spaces of the neighbouring Aldi Store, with the provision of 47 replacement parking spaces with an additional two disabled spaces and six electric vehicle charging bays.

“Officers agreed with the applicant’s conclusion that there is no suitable, more preferable site within or at the edge of the Great Harwood town centre. It is considered that the loss of a small area of vacant brownfield site will not result in the loss of employment floor space.

“The proposal results in a loss of a small area of designated employment area but it has been assessed that there is no demand for a new commercial/industrial development in this location. The building will be a visual improvement on the existing derelict site.

“Subject to the proposed conditions it is recommended that the application be approved.”