Starmer attacks Tories over NHS crisis and claims ‘we desperately need a change’

Starmer attacks Tories over NHS crisis and claims ‘we desperately need a change’

Keir Starmer has attacked the Tories for the current NHS crisis as he claimed the country “ desperately needs achange”.

After Rishi Sunak met health and social care leaders on Saturday, Sir Keir claimed the NHS isn’t just “on its knees, it’s on its face”.

Acknowledging the need for a new Government, Sir Keir told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge: “We’ve got to acknowledge that the health service is not just on its knees, it’s on its face there are 7.2 million people on the waiting list.

"Speak to anyone who works in the NHS and they’ll tell you just how stressed it is. My wife works in the NHS so I know this first hand."

He added: "Just at the moment we’ve got a crisis and it’s the worst crisis we’ve ever had and that’s because we’ve had 13 years of neglect.

“Of course Covid put extra pressure on the NHS but the waiting lists were 4.6 million before we went in to Covid."

Despite the current winter crisis within the NHS, Mr Sunak welcomed the positive talks which were held at Downing Street on Saturday.

The Prime Minister has pledged to the public that he will reduce hospital waiting times, cut the numbers of those crossing the Channel on small boats and reduce inflation as part of his promises to the public.

Despite the Prime Minister’s pledges, Sir Keir added: “2023 is the chance for us to set out what a bold reforming Labour government will do.”

“We desperately need change. What I want to do is to set out that case for change, not just what the change will be, but also how we’re going to bring it.”