Starving seal pup found in back garden in village FOUR MILES from the sea

It’s not the usual guest you’d expect to find in your garden.

But this poorly three-week-old seal pup somehow found itself FOUR miles from the sea and without anything to eat or drink.

It’s thought the pup, who has been named Anwar, travelled up a drainage ditch in search for food or water.

The creature was spotted by the shocked homeowner when they went out to their garden in the village of Terrington St Clements in Norfolk – four miles inland – on December 19.

The poorly pup was found four miles from the sea in Norfolk (Picture: SWNS)

They called the RSPCA who rescued Anwar, who is thought to be just three weeks old, and are now nursing him back to health.

Alison Charles, manager at the charity’s East Winch Wildlife Centre, said: “The little seal is still very thin and poorly and is currently still being cared for in our isolation unit.

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“He is now eating on his own, but he still needs to gain a lot more weight and improve his fitness before we can consider releasing him back to the wild.

“It will be a long road to recovery for him and it may still be a number of weeks, or even months, before we can release him.”

If the pup hadn’t been found, it would probably have starved to death, the RSPCA said (Picture: SWNS)

If Anwar hadn’t been found, the RSCPA said, it’s likely to have starved to death.