As Station 19’s Jason George Returns To Grey’s Anatomy After The Show’s Cancellation, One of His Ex Co-Stars Has Also Landed Another Gig

 Jason George as Ben Warren on Grey's Anatomy.
Credit: ABC

For those of us who are still bummed about Station 19’s cancellation after seven seasons, some good news came when it was announced Jason George’s character Ben Warren would return to Grey’s Anatomy, where he originated. We now know the fate of another of the spinoff’s main cast, and it may be bittersweet to some fans. Danielle Savre, who played Station 19’s Maya Bishop, has landed a new role. While we're happy to hear that she'll be returning to our screens, it's likely confirmation that we won’t see her on ABC’s flagship medical drama.

Instead, TVLine reports that Danielle Savre has signed on for a recurring role on the NBC thriller Found, which was renewed for a second season that will hit the 2024 TV schedule this fall. It’s unknown at this time what character Savre will play or how many episodes she’ll appear in.

Found stars Shanola Hampton as recovery specialist Gabi Mosely, who works to find missing people overlooked by law enforcement and the media. A former kidnapping victim herself, Gabi captured the man who abducted her — Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Sir — and kept him locked in her basement for seven months, using his knowledge as a kidnapper to help solve her cases.


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Jaina Lee Ortiz on Station 19.

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It’ll be exciting to see where Danielle Savre fits into the series, as Found Season 1 ended on a terrifying cliffhanger that seemingly will change everything in Season 2 (though its showrunner insists it will “absolutely” still feel like the same show). While it’s actually great news that Savre has landed a new gig, some fans may be disappointed that the news likely puts to rest any remaining hopes of Maya appearing on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Station 19 series finale clearly set up Ben Warren’s return to Grey Sloan Memorial, with the firefighter leaving the fire station to return to the hospital where his wife (Chandra Wilson’s Miranda Bailey) works — assuming her big stand in the Grey’s Season 20 finale pays off —  to finish his residency.

However, there has been no mention of Stefania Spampinato — who plays Maya’s wife Carina DeLuca — also jumping back to Grey’s, despite her character also originating there. Spampinato made the jump from Grey’s Anatomy to Station 19 in 2020, but her character has remained employed at the hospital, with Spampinato therefore making frequent guest appearances. As Carina’s wife, Maya has been known to show up on Grey's as well.

Danielle Savre’s character received a particularly satisfying ending in Station 19’s series finale flash-forwards, as she was shown taking over as fire captain sometime in the future and having multiple children with Carina. Now it looks like she’s on to the next project, and if fans want to follow her over to NBC, they still have time to catch up before Found’s 22-episode Season 2 premieres.

Found Season 1 can be streamed on Peacock (one of the best streaming services), and then tune in to NBC at 10 p.m. ET Thursdays this fall (and streaming the next day with a Peacock subscription) to see what role Danielle Savre will play in the thriller..