Statue of writer Virginia Woolf unveiled in London

STORY: The statue of a smiling Woolf, sitting on a park bench looking at the River Thames, was placed in the city's southwestern suburban district of Richmond where the writer lived for a decade.

Attending the ceremony were the statue's sculptor Laury Dizengremel and three descendants of Woolf.

Dizengremel spoke with pride about her work, saying it would have been an honor for "any female sculptor" to be involved in recreating "such an amazing person".

The author's great-great-niece, Sophie Partridge, described the piece of art as a "very natural" representation of her great-great-aunt, adding that she hoped people could "sense her intelligence and her love of humanity" when sitting next to it on the riverside bench.

In attendance were Emma Woolf, the great-niece of Woolf, and her two-year-old son Ludovic, along with local officials.