Stephen Colbert jokes Biden’s primary vote score is similar to his age: ‘Very close to 100’

Stephen Colbert made jabs at Joe Biden’s seniority after he compared his high vote percentage to his age.

Before his Nevada primary win, people in South Carolina went and voted on Saturday in the first official Democratic primary, and the president, without a doubt, came on top, taking home 96.2 per cent of the votes.

“Now that is very close to 100,” Mr Colbert said. “Which is also Joe’s new campaign slogan,” he joked, then blew a kiss to the camera.

The Late Show host then rolled a clip of Mr Biden’s victory speech, showing his gratitude to the people of South Carolina, who he said “brung me to the dance”.

“Yes, South Carolina brung Biden to the dance. Then they said, Actually, you know what, let’s wait for a slow one – not sure if those knees can handle the electric slide,” Mr Colbert quipped.

Age has been a constant point of discussion in the lead-up to the election, with voters worrying about both Mr Biden and Donald Trump’s age and if it could affect their roles as hopeful presidents this year.

An AP-NORC poll from August said that 51 per cent of US adults thought Mr Trump was too old. However, Mr Biden ranked higher, with 77 per cent of adults also saying the same thing about the current president.

Yet, only 28 per cent of Republicans believed Mr Trump’s older age was a concern, whereas a huge 69 per cent of Democrats saw Mr Biden as too old.

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Mr Biden’s alleged profanities towards Mr Trump ('The Late Show with Stephen Colbert')
Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Mr Biden’s alleged profanities towards Mr Trump ('The Late Show with Stephen Colbert')

Despite what the polls are saying, the two presidential candidates have also been using their social media to poke fun at each other’s age and mental stability.

Last month, Mr Trump trolled the president with a spoof advert calling the White House a “senior living” facility complete with clips of Mr Biden struggling to put his jacket on and eating food.

Over a week later, Mr Biden then took to his own online platforms to post a video of Mr Trump mistaking his Republican candidate rival Nikki Haley for Nancy Pelosi and mistaking Mr Biden for former president Barack Obama.

Mental stability has also been brought into question, such as Ms Haley showing concerns saying, “We can’t have someone else that we question whether they’re mentally fit to do this [the presidency],” after Mr Trump’s Haley-Pelosi gaffe.

“Now, I’ve long called for mental competency tests for politicians over the age of 75,” she added.

However, Mr Trump also said he had already taken a cognitive test, which he said he “aced”.

Mr Colbert jokingly claimed during his show he knew one of the test questions in the presidential cognitive exam.

He referenced the recent Politico report that claimed Mr Biden called Mr Trump a “sick f***” and a “f***ing ass****” behind closed doors.

“It sounds rough, but it’s actually just a new question on the presidential cognitive exam,” the show host said, putting on screen a fake cognitive exam question that stated, ‘Circle the f***ing ass****’ with the choices of three animals and Mr Trump.