Stephen Colbert Taunts Trump After His Lawyers Are Busted In Epic Legal Mistake

Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump’s hush money case is headed to trial in New York next week ― and there are already signs it’s not going well for the former president.

“If you think Donald Trump’s lawyers aren’t ready for this trial, you would be right,” Colbert said.

Trump’s attorneys tried to subpoena Jeremy Rosenberg, who had worked in the Manhattan district attorney’s office, then complained to the court that he was “flippant and dismissive” when he said he had none of the documents they wanted.

But it turns out there was a reason he didn’t have the documents: They had subpoenaed the wrong Jeremy Rosenberg.

Trump’s attorneys sent $15 to Rosenberg to help him send the paperwork.

“I’m keeping the fifteen dollars,” Rosenberg wrote back to the attorneys.

“Watch out Jeremy, you don’t wanna piss off Donald Trump,” Colbert warned. “He will send a squad of goons to rough up someone with your name.”

See more in his Wednesday night “Late Show” monologue: