Stephen Mulhern snaps on This Morning as he's grilled over Josie Gibson romance rumours

Josie Gibson on This Morning
Josie Gibson on This Morning -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Stephen Mulhern wasn't too happy when asked about rumours of a romance with Josie Gibson while appearing on This Morning. Stephen, 47, and Josie, 39, were spotted cosying up on the set of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway last month, sparking speculation about their relationship.

Fellow This Morning presenter Ben Shephard couldn't resist stirring the pot during the show this week. As an ad break approached, Ben, 49, decided to have some fun at Stephen's expense after he'd enjoyed stroking bubble wrap over his face.

"Is that because he's dating one of the family? Is that what it is?" He joked, referring to Josie who is part of the ITV presenting team for This Morning. Not amused, Stephen shot back: "Oh shut your face!" reported OK!

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Co-host Cat Deeley added more fuel to the fire saying: "We couldn't let you go without... Josie," Ben went on, "The picture says it all," reports the Irish Mirror.

A clearly flustered Stephen couldn't help but defend himself: "Listen, she didn't show up to rehearsals, I held her hand and I showed her where to stand. That is it!"

Having faced a wave of conjecture about her relationship status, Josie dispelled the rumours in a chat with OK! Magazine. She affirmed that Stephen is merely 'best friends' with her.

The This Morning Star remarked: "Stephen? Oh, he's so lovely. We are really good friends, I really adore him, but there's no romance in the air. But he's so nice."

Furthermore, Josie said: "Every bloke that I come in contact with, the press seems to think that I'm having it off with them. People must think I'm a right goer. I'm not like that. To be with somebody or to even kiss somebody, I've really got to love them. I've really got to really be into them. I can't give my energy over when I'm not completely into it. You know when you get that magic connection? For me it only comes around like once every seven years or eight years. I love the love because those are very, very special [moments] when you find them."

However, Stephen has been keeping matters of his love life under wraps. He did have a romantic liaison with EastEnders actress Emma Barton, who played Honey Mitchell, in 2008.

They grew close during a pantomime production of Snow White in Birmingham but chose to part ways in 2011. In an interview with Celebs Now seven years later, Stephen confessed that he hadn't been on a date "in four years", followed by a jokingly self-deprecating comment, "That makes me sound really sad! I need a life. I need to stop working so much."