Steven Moffat wants to make another season of Sherlock

Steven Moffat is keen to revive the hit TV show credit:Bang Showbiz
Steven Moffat is keen to revive the hit TV show credit:Bang Showbiz

Steven Moffat would "start writing 'Sherlock' tomorrow" if Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman agreed to return for another season.

The 61-year-old screenwriter co-created the hit TV series - which ran from 2010 until 2017 - and Steven has admitted that he'd love to revive the show one day.

But, during an interview on the 'Today' programme, he joked: "They’re on to bigger and better things but, Martin and Benedict, please come back?"

Steven also confirmed that he's "just started talking about" a second season of his BBC drama show 'Inside Man'.

The first season starred the likes of Stanley Tucci and David Tennant, and Steven is keen to make another season.

Meanwhile, Benedict previously admitted to being surprised by the success of 'Sherlock'.

The 46-year-old actor - who played the show's central character, Sherlock Holmes - revealed that he initially struggled to return to the programme to film season two.

He explained: "It felt awkward, actually, coming back the first time. Not because it was strange but in a way because it had been such a success.

"I think we both felt slightly that we were outside of it, looking in. I was looking at Martin Freeman and thinking: 'God, I saw you on the telly in something rather good during the summer.' It took a little bit of time to get the rhythm and pacing back, partly because of what had happened in the meantime."

Despite this, Benedict insisted he didn't have any doubts about returning for a second season.

He said: "It’s not like coming back to a series. It’s a very special thing. It’s unique. It doesn’t feel like you’re constraining yourselves to a format in the normal television way."