Stevie Nicks hails Lizzo as ‘a great woman of our time’

Stevie Nicks has hailed Lizzo as “a great woman of our time” following her acceptance speech at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

The Fleetwood Mac star said she had been “impressed and so touched” by Lizzo’s actions as she collected the People’s Champion Award at the ceremony on Tuesday.

The pop star used the platform to highlight champions of important causes, inviting 17 women on stage to accept the award.

The women represented social concerns including climate change, reproductive justice, affordable healthcare and police violence.

In a message posted to her Instagram, Nicks told Lizzo: “Your name is in the stars now”.

“Dearest Lizzo…In my opinion, your presentation last night at the People’s Choice Awards was not only so beautiful and so needed that you get the award for being a great woman of our time,” she wrote.

“I was so impressed and so touched that you put that together and pulled it off. It was stunning, and everyone heard you.

“You have given all women soundbites forever- flute player, singer, songwriter, future politician…?

“Your name is in the stars now. Much Love, Stevie Nicks”

Lizzo, 34, later won Song Of The Year for her hit About Damn Time.

Accepting the People’s Champion Award she said: “I’m here tonight because to be an icon isn’t about how long you’ve had your platform, being an icon is what you do with that platform.

“And ever since the beginning of my career, I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalised voices, so tonight I am sharing this honour.”