Man can "still hear partner's screams" after their car flipped and smashed to pieces

A man says he can "still hear his partner's screams" after their car flipped and smashed to pieces following a hit and run.

The 33-year-old, who did not want to be named, from Birkenhead, had been driving home with his partner, 32, on Rock Lane West, Rock Ferry, at around 3.25 am on Sunday, April 28, when a car sped through a stop sign and smashed into them, sending their car rolling. The driver told the ECHO how he scrambled out of the wreckage to save his partner, who had been trapped inside the smashed up car.

Both the driver and passenger have been left traumatised from the crash. He says he can still hear his partner's screams as he attempts to fall asleep at night, and they both wake with night terrors, as they relive the harrowing events of Sunday morning.

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The 33-year-old driver said: "I was driving up Rock Lane West, I had just gone past the junction and this car just sped out. It didn't stop or anything, even though it is a stop junction, there are sign posts either side and lines. It just hasn't stopped and crashed into me, the car has just rolled. It could have killed me and my partner.

"I can still hear her voice screaming now, because when we were rolling she was screaming. I tried to calm her down. When we stopped rolling I opened the door on my side and her side wouldn't open, so I have undone her seatbelt and pulled her out the car on my side. It was awful."

The couple have been left traumatised by the events of Sunday morning, he said: "I wake up through the night having nightmares...they thought my partner had damaged her spine. She was in a lot of pain.

"It is scary, I am in constant agony with my injuries." He told the ECHO he is suffering from bruising to his ribs, pain in his elbow, back and neck, and has constant headaches as well as ringing in his ears. He claims to also have mental and psychologic trauma from the hit and run. He added: "We have been left traumatised by it."

He recalled that in the hours after the crash a man had come to the scene, who he believes could have been the driver of the Lexus which hit them. He said: "He hit us and then crashed into a kerb. He drove off and ditched the car in a car park at a block of flats. Passers-by who helped us went to go see if they could find where he had gone.

"When we were in the hospital a drunk man came back to the scene - where my mum and dad were - he said 'is everyone alright' and my mum and dad replied saying 'they have gone to hospital.' He turned round and said 'this hasn't got anything to do with me you know,' then he stumbled towards where the car was - he was very drunk.

"I just want him to come forward. It petrifies me being in a car after it, I pause at lights and junctions even if I have right of way."

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: "We can confirm that enquiries are ongoing following a fail to stop RTC in Rock Ferry on Sunday, 28 April.

"At around 3.30am, officers were called to the junction of Highfield Road and Rock Lane West to reports of a collision involving a Vauxhall and a Lexus.

"The occupants of the Vauxhall were taken to hospital for assessment of injuries. The driver of the Lexus made off from the scene and enquiries are ongoing to locate them. Both vehicles were recovered at the scene.

"Anyone with information or who lives in the location and may have captured dashcam or CCTV footage can contact us @MerPolCC with reference 24000388142, or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

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