Stoke-on-Trent 'doss house' where XL Bully launched savage attack closed down

Police have boarded up a 'doss house' where an XL Bully launched an attack. A woman suffered a 'significant' leg injury after being savaged by the dog inside the property.

It has now emerged that the address in Northwood has been at the centre of anti-social behaviour and drugs complaints. Now Staffordshire Police have secured a closure order for the Rawlins Street home.

The order, granted on April 29, prohibits any person from entering the property is set to last three months. During that time only the landlord, a contractor or anyone authorised by Staffordshire Police can gain access. Anyone who defies the order will face arrest.

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One neighbour said: “Long story short it was a crack house, full of dodgy dogs and dodgy characters. It was like a doss house really. It’s a quiet street and it was full of criminals.

“Just yesterday they closed it, thank God, everyone else on the street is lovely. But now that they’re gone it’s quiet, honestly it’s been amazing, we had a nice sleep last night.”

Residents reported that bins had been kicked over, loud noises and motorbikes had been driven late at night.

Another resident added: “On the one hand I’m happy about it because the people were really rude coming and going from there, it was like a hotel. However, you also don’t want to see people homeless.”

The order states: “A person commits an offence if they remain on or enter this premises and can be arrested. If found guilty of an offence they are liable to imprisonment and/or a fine.”

Staffordshire Police said that officers have worked hard securing the order. Police have previously warned that they will be monitoring the area and will take action if necessary and will continue to take action to tackle anti-social behaviour.

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