Stoke-on-Trent school's witty response after neighbours raise noise fears over fairground

A Stoke-on-Trent school has given a witty response to neighbours who raised noise fears over a fairground. Sandon Primary Academy in Meir has set up rides and stalls on its fields ready to mark its 85th birthday today (May 9).

But the school took to social media to reveal it had received a letter from residents asking them to keep noise to a minimum during the celebrations.

Responding to the complaints, the school wrote on Facebook: "Residents... thank you for your letter, we will respectfully keep the music to an acceptable level tomorrow and will ask that the children don’t scream too loud on the ride." A crying laughing emoji was then added to the post.

Other residents were quick to reassure the school that they could make as much noise as they liked with some urging teachers to crank up the music.

One wrote: "My back garden leads right on to the field so I say make as much noise as possible. Oh and you will probably hear my dogs barking too trying to join in on the fun."

Another added: "I live across the road and live it when I can here all the kids having fun. They need to bore off. Turn it up Mr Griffin."

A third said: "Let all the kids have a good time. If they want to be loud then they are going to be anyway. It's only for one day, no harm in having a good time and make happy memories. Get Mr Griffin to sing loud. We are all there tomorrow to have a wonderful time. There's always one or two that tries to spoil it for others."

And a fourth replied: "Some people have nothing better to do. It's in the day what the hell, scream if you want go faster kids."

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