'My stomach was ripped out in M5 fireball horror - I had to learn to walk again'

Pictured is Keeley Clarke after her crash
Keeley has managed to stay smiling despite facing a gruelling rehabilitation. -Credit:Supplied

A former barmaid had part of her stomach ripped out by a seatbelt in an horrific 70mph fireball crash on the M5. Keeley Clarke had to learn to walk again after her car ploughed into a stationary car which had been involved in a crash but was not displaying hazard lights.

Her side of the car took the brunt of the collision, leaving her legs trapped and crushed. The force of the crash caused an airbag to deploy, collapsing her lungs, and the seatbelt she was wearing tore into her stomach. Leaking fuel ignited, setting the car ablaze while Keeley was still inside.

The 23-year-old said a hero trucker came to her rescue by forcing the door open, allowing her to escape the blazing vehicle. He has never been traced after the February 29 crash despite efforts by Keeley, her boyfriend Callum, who was also in the car, and the police.

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Keeley, from Littleover in Derbyshire, had taken a post with the Army in Wales before the crash, which happened near Birmingham, reports Derbyshire Live. She said: "Essentially, there was a stationary car with no hazards on in the fast lane and me and my partner were driving at night and hit them at full speed.

"I've had multiple operations on my stomach and my bowel, as well as a bunch of metal rods and nails in my thighs because my femurs in both legs were completely crushed. I was put in a coma for four days and have been slowly learning how to walk, talk and eat again."

Keeley is recovering at a military rehabilitation centre. Her brother Lee has launched a fundraising marathon to help cover the cost of items that help her recuperation. She said: "It's really nice to see that people are behind me and I really appreciate the money that's been donated.

Pictured is Keeley receiving treatment
Keeley has been unable to leave hospital since the crash. -Credit:Supplied

"We weren't expecting to get many donations at all, but to see nearly £2,000 raised is so nice to see, I'm just so grateful."

The money raised will go towards buying a new bed and replacing personal items Keeley lost in her car. Lee said: "I have decided to run a marathon at Carsington Water on Saturday, June 29, and raise as much as I can to help my sister buy a comfortable bed and some essentials when she returns home.

"When I have completed my run, I aim to give her every penny in cash - along with some flowers and a card. Please help in any way possible, every penny helps and my sister means the world to me. I thank you in advance for your donations."

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