Stone 'Tank Tracks' Were Made By Vehicles 14 Million Years Ago, Geologist Claims

Controversial claim by Russian academic


An ancient civilisation drove huge tanks around on Earth long before the rise of homo sapiens - and we can still see the tracks today, according to a Russian academic.

The controversial claim comes from geologist Dr Alexander Koltypin - who believes that twin grooves found in the Phrygian valley of central Turkey are a ‘smoking gun’ proving the existence of a lost civilisation.

Koltypin says, 'As a geologist, I can certainly tell you that unknown antediluvian all-terrain vehicles drove around Central Turkey some 12-to-14 million years ago.'

Koltypin believes that the markings were left by another, non-human race - and claims that other archaeologists won’t investigate because it will 'ruin all their classic theories'.

'We can suppose that ancient vehicles on wheels were drove on soft soil, maybe a wet surface.’

'Because of their weight the ruts were so deep. And later these ruts - and all the surface around - just petrified and secured all the evidence.
'All these rocky fields were covered with the ruts left some millions of years ago....we are not talking about human beings. We are dealing with some kind of cars or all-terrain vehicles'