I stopped in 'weirdly extraordinary' Yorkshire hotel and one thing took my breath away

-Credit: (Image: Mieka Smiles)
-Credit: (Image: Mieka Smiles)

It has something of a reputation but what is it really like to stop in Scarborough's Grand Hotel?

There are over 10,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, with an average score of 2.5/5, and it is fair to say that some of them are not particularly positive although the most recent review, posted by Norma from South Shields, rated the Grand Hotel 5/5. She found the room 'really nice', the food 'very good' and staff 'friendly and helpful'.

Norma adds: "...me and my husband were very happy how clean the hotel is, so try for yourself and don't take any notice of the negative reviews. Will definitely be back. Our room was 137. Apart from seagulls we got a good night's sleep." The average score on Google reviews is 2.9/5, and the two most recent reviews are both 5/5.

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Norma isn't the only visitor to have enjoyed their stay.

Scarborough visitor Mieka Smiles, a reporter with The Express, stayed a night at the Britannia-run hotel and posted her own review, which can be read here.

Mieka described her first impressions of the Grand Hotel as 'surreal' as she noted blue plaques outside the premises, one declaring it was "once Europe's largest hotel' and another referencing Anne Bronte who died in Scarborough in 1849 aged 29.

Mieka says that the Grand's illustrious Victorian history is clear to see, it appears "pretty much stuck there along with a century of decay and deterioration."

And the reporter says the hotel boasts 'weirdly extraordinary' features such as a huge staircase and a ballroom which are decked out in 'horrific carpets' and with vending machines.

Single room in The Grand Hotel, Scarborough -Credit:Mieka Smiles
Single room in The Grand Hotel, Scarborough -Credit:Mieka Smiles

Check-in "couldn't have been smoother" and everything looked as clean as it could be despite the "clear lack of investment," she added. Staff were very helpful.

Mieka stayed in room 502 and was thankful for a window to the outside world. She described the room as 'absolutely tiny' and the carpet being a "manky shade of brown".

However, the following morning she was presented with a surprise. "I slept well and I woke to - honestly - the most stunning view.

"My breath was literally taken away looking at the amazing vista which could have been anywhere overlooking the Med. But instead I was in Scarborough, where I’d earlier walked past a bloke swigging red wine from the bottle."

At breakfast, the surroundings were 'horribly dated' but it was a 'slick operation' and for £12 there was as "much coffee and breakfast buffet as I could handle."

Mieka said she would happily go back. "Britannia hotels are about my price range when I’m looking for cheap, work-based accommodation. And do you know what? If you’re looking for a budget option, so should you."

The Grand Hotel, Scarborough, pictured in May, 2023 -Credit:Google
The Grand Hotel, Scarborough, pictured in May, 2023 -Credit:Google

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