How to store onions correctly to extend their shelf life up to six months

white onions
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It's a common practice to refrigerate all sorts of fruits and veggies when the heat climbs, as they tend to spoil faster in the summer warmth. However, onions should steer clear of the fridge to avoid becoming soft or soggy.

The chilly, moist air inside causes onions to turn their starches into sugars, leading to a mushy mess over time. For the best quality, store brown, red, and white onions in a dark, cool, dry, and airy space.

While many tuck onions away in kitchen cabinets, it's wise to avoid spots near cookers and ovens where temperatures can swing and moisture might gather.

The ideal spots for onion storage are garages or cellars, where, if kept right, they can last for as much as six months, reports the Express.

Beyond picking a spot that's cool, dry, and ventilated, dodge direct sunlight to prevent mould-inducing heat.

How you store onions matters just as much as where. Ditch any plastic bags from the supermarket and remove plastic mesh too.

Shop Food Waste advises: "Never keep these items in sealed plastic as it will quickly cause spoilage." Plastic traps moisture, paving the way for mould.

Experts suggest "keeping onions and garlic in a basket or paper bag where air can circulate". They added that if stored this way, "onions and garlic can last up to three to six months".

For those wanting to contain their onions, the use of a net or mesh bag is recommended due to better airflow and the ability to keep moisture levels down. A perforated basket or bin can also make an excellent container for onions.

If you lack the items listed above for onion storage, an old pair of tights could come in handy. Pop the onions into one leg and tie a knot above it, then continue in the same manner to the top till the leg of the tight is occupied. The remaining leg of the tight can be used similarly, creating easy to hang storage.

Onions stowed away this way are consumable for several months - even up to half a year under perfect conditions - despite this, do regularly check on them and eliminate any showing signs of decay.

It's vital to store onions individually - not combined with other produce. This is due to their nature; they're hygroscopic, thus tend to spoil quicker.

Onions also have a strong smell which some fruits and vegetables can absorb, altering their taste and scent.

However, this method is not suitable for all onions; spring onions need refrigeration. Bundled produce can be slid into an airtight container or bag and placed into the fridge's crisper drawer for extended shelf life.