Storm Chaser's Shock as Lightning Flash Suddenly Illuminates Unseen Tornado

A storm chaser was stunned when a flash of lightning suddenly illuminated a tornado that had been unseen in the darkness.

Jonny Gabel captured the stunning sight as nearly a dozen tornadoes tore through parts of Illinois and Indiana on Tuesday, February 27.

Gabel’s video was taken from the car he was travelling in while he filmed what appeared to be a storm cloud, only to see a funnel when lit up by lightning.

NBC Chicago said the storms left a “trail of destruction.” Credit: Jonny Gabel via Storyful

Video transcript

- It's about to pop.

- Yep, it's about to pop off.


- It's up here, too.


- What if we run into the dominator?

- That'd be cool. [INAUDIBLE]


JONNY GABEL: See, I'm like, oh. [GASPS] Bro!

- What?

JONNY GABEL: [INAUDIBLE]. Bro, it's on the [MUTED] ground! Holy [MUTED]! Look at my phone. Look at my phone. Look at my phone. Right there. You're going to see it. You're going to see it. There it is. We're going to see it light up.


Large cone. Did you see it?

- Oh, I see it.

JONNY GABEL: Just need it to light up. Oh, damn, it's big. See, I'm like [INAUDIBLE].