What are the storm names for 2022-23? Wouter, Priya, and Betty on list

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What are the storm names for 2022-23? Wouter, Priya, and Betty on list

The Met Office has revealed the full list of storm names for 2022-2023, with the first named storm of the season to be called Antoni.

Storms are named when they’re forecast to cause ‘medium’ or ‘high’ impacts in the UK, Ireland, or the Netherlands, such as strong winds, rain, or snow.

Aside from Antoni, a few storms that we could see this year and next include Hendrika, Johanna, and Loes, which have been named after influential Dutch scientists.

Other storm names for 2022-2023 include Cillian, Fleur, Íde, and Nelly, which were submitted by Met Éireann.

The second-named storm of the season will be Betty, which was picked by Twitter users–more than 12,000 people voted chose Betty for the second named storm.

The public is also responsible for other storm names on the list, including Daisy, Glen, Khalid, and Owain, which were all submitted by the public.

For a full list of upcoming storm names, and more information on why we name storms, keep reading below.

Storm names for 2022-2023

  • Antoni

  • Betty

  • Cillian

  • Daisy

  • Elliot

  • Fleur

  • Glen

  • Hendrika

  • Íde

  • Johanna

  • Khalid

  • Loes

  • Mark

  • Nelly

  • Owain

  • Priya

  • Ruadhán

  • Sam

  • Tobias

  • Val

  • Wouter

Why do we name storms?

Naming storms helps raise awareness to enable the public stay safe in dangerous weather conditions. It helps to “provide consistent, authoritative messaging in times of severe weather,” according to the Met Office.

Met Office Head of Situational Awareness Will Lang, who leads responses in times of severe weather, said: “We know from seven years of doing this that naming storms works.

“Last year, Storms Arwen and Eunice brought some severe impacts to the UK and we know that naming storms helps to raise awareness and give the public the information they need to stay safe in times of severe weather.”

Lang continued: “Recent impactful storms demonstrated our ongoing need to communicate severe weather in a clear way to help the public protect themselves. Naming storms is just one way that we know helps to raise awareness of severe weather and provides clarity for the public when they need it most.”