Stormy Daniels wore bulletproof vest to Trump trial, lawyer says

NEW YORK — Stormy Daniels wore a bulletproof vest under her outfits while she was testifying at former president Donald Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan, her lawyer said Monday.

The former adult film star was “paralyzed” with fear ahead of the proceedings, attorney Clark Brewster said on CNN’s “AC360.”

“She was concerned about the security coming into New York,” Brewster said on the program. “She was paralyzed with fear, not of taking the stand or telling her story, but [of] what some nut might do to her. And I’m genuinely concerned about it as well.”

Daniels, 45, testified across two days last week, describing a sexual encounter she had with Trump, 77, back in 2006 in a Lake Tahoe hotel.

“I had my clothes and my shoes off. I believe my bra, however, was still on. We were in the missionary position,” Daniels told the court. “I was trying to think about anything other than what was happening there.”

Under cross-examination, she portrayed no signs of the fear she apparently felt walking into the courtroom, appearing confident as the former president’s lawyers attempted to discredit her.

After stepping down, Daniels blasted Trump on social media.

“Real men respond to testimony by being sworn in and taking the stand in court. Oh…wait. Nevermind,” she wrote on X.

Trump is accused of using campaign money to pay his former fixer, Michael Cohen, after Cohen allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 to stay quiet about the alleged affair. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all 34 counts.

Cohen took the stand Monday and Tuesday.