This story from inside a Welsh restaurant will restore your faith in humanity

A general view of the Harvester branch in Rhydycar Leisure Park in Merthyr Tydfil
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A random act of kindness from a stranger can brighten up someone's day or even change their perspective on life. That's exactly what happened recently to a Welsh TikToker whose meal was unexpectedly paid for by an unknown woman in a restaurant.

Christopher Lee Evans posted a video appealing to find the generous stranger so he can thank her personally, describing her gesture as "such a genuine and kind thing to do" Explaining what happened, he said he was having a meal at Harvester in Merthyr Tydfil – the branch in Rhydycar Leisure Park – with his sister and her boyfriend.

There was a group of three people sat next to them and a woman sat on her own behind them. When the group left the woman behind them noticed they'd left one of their belongings. "[She] gets up and says: 'Oh my God, they've just left their bag,'" Christopher recalled in the TikTok clip. Get the best user experience with WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

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A grab of someone talking on TikTok
Christopher Evans recounted the heartwarming story on TikTok -Credit:@christopherlevans/TikTok

By this point the group were already driving off but Christopher's sister's boyfriend managed to flag down their car and let them know. Panic over Christopher, his sister ,and her boyfriend continued eating their meals.

In the meantime the lone woman behind them went to the bar to pay for her meal – but it turns out she was feeling generous that day. "[She] walks out and says: 'Bye' to me," said Christopher. "The waiter comes over [and says]: 'Your bill's all paid, your bill's all paid.' And I was like: 'What? Who's paid the bill.'"

It turned out the woman had discreetly paid "£80-odd" for their meals as well, Christopher revealed – and he presumed it was because his sister's boyfriend had made the effort to return the bag to the other group who had left. "I know it's only paying for a bill but that's such a big thing. And she didn't even want us to know that she paid for the bill because we would never had took it," he said.

"I just wanted to say thanks so if anyone knows who this woman is who was in Merthyr around seven o'clock and paid our bill for us, [I have] a lot of respect, a lot of love [for her] because there's not that many good people in this world who would do that for anyone." He added that he's "super-grateful" and "wish I could just say thanks". "We need more people like you in the world...It makes me want to cry because there's so many bad people in this world." For the latest Merthyr Tydfil news sign up to our newsletter here.

The TikTok has amassed thousands of views and likes. One person commented: "I'm from Merthyr and that's such a Merthyr thing to do," while another said: "That's so lush". A third wrote: "Merthyr is full of good people." A couple of people urged Christopher to take inspiration from the kind gesture with one writing: "Pay it forward now for someone else."