Strange radio signals detected from ancient underwater 'building' near Malibu

The mysterious underwater object was discovered by author Robert M Stanley in 2010

A mysterious underwater structure near Malibu, which conspiracy theorists believe could be a ‘stargate’ used to travel to alien planets has emitted strange new radio signals.

A ham radio enthusiast captured audio of the strange radio signals emitted from the ‘ship’, which some believe has been known about by indigenous Chumash people for thousands of years.

‘Every day I would come across these signals,’ says Mr Emmett, 93, who has been an amateur radio operator since 1938.

‘The amazing thing about them is that they are steady as you like. I knew the signal had to be extremely close.’

Mr Emmett says he tracked the source of these signals using a powerful antenna mounted on a four-wheel-drive truck - and found they hailed from a mysterious underwater structure near his property in Florida.

The structure was originally spotted by author Robert M Stanley - a friend of Mr Emmett's - who believes it may be a large alien craft which has lain underwater for thousands of years.

His claims are disputed, with many saying the object is natural.

Stanley claims that the strange object could be a ‘stargate’ - a wormhole used by aliens to visit Earth - and that it is constantly investigated by mini-submarines piloted by the U.S. government.

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Nigel Watson, author of the ‘Haynes UFO Investigations Manual says, ‘There are many rumours and stories of underground and underwater alien bases scattered throughout the world, usually in very remote areas that are associated with UFO sightings and other unexplained events. The Malibu structure is fascinating because it has produced an whole chain of theories and speculation.’

‘Author Robert M. Stanley claims he discovered, what he believes to be this ancient structure, in 2010 by looking at Google maps on his computer. When he contacted an old friend who lives in that area, he was told that he knew about the presence of this structure for 10 years. His friend had recorded HAM radio signals coming from it, and it was his belief that the structure was a large spacecraft that had taken residence here perhaps since ancient times.’

‘Whether a base or a spaceship, Robert claims it is in perfect alignment with several megalithic monuments in Malibu, and it fits in with the oral legends of the Chumash that claim this area was flooded 12,000 years ago. Robert also thinks the US Navy know about this base, as there are many rumours that they operate mini-submarines inside ancient lava tubes along the Californian coast that are linked to underground military bases in the Mojave desert.’

‘On reflection Robert thinks that this could be a portal, wormhole or stargate that are used by aliens to visit Earth.’

‘As with most areas of UFO research there are lots of ideas but little solid evidence. It could be wishful thinking that the radio signals are coming from this structure. It would be fantastic if this was some ancient space probe or alien base lurking off the coast of Malibu, but until anyone can actually go there it remains frustratingly enigmatic.’