Stranger Things Fans Have All The Jokes About Wanting Weird Al Yankovic In Season 5 After He Posted A Photo With The Show's Stars

 Weird Al Yankovic from a youtube video beside Vecna in Stranger Things.
Weird Al Yankovic from a youtube video beside Vecna in Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 5 will mark the end of the beloved series and, while it's been in production, fans have had a variety of theories on Steve Harrington, character duos and more. While most of the theories stem from the Duffer Brothers' teases from their official social media accounts, the latest bit of buzz has to do with Weird Al Yankovic. The beloved performer garnered attention after posting a sweet pic with some of the show's cast members. Now, fans have all the jokes about wanting him to pop up at some point during the final stretch of episodes.

It all started when the musician/comedian shared a photo of himself on Instagram alongside Gaten Matarazzo (who plays Dustin Henderson) and Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike Wheeler). Seeing the three stars together was enough to get fans speculating, but it was Yankovic's cheeky comment that really kicked things into gear. Check out the post:

The “stranger things” pun in the caption has gotten fans excited though, unfortunately, it’s unlikely they’ll actually see this trio take on dangerous Demogorgons together. Despite speculation, the photo wasn’t captured on the set of one of the sci-fi drama (which is one Netflix's best shows). In reality, it came from the Big Slick charity event, which was held in support of Children’s Mercy and their mission to end pediatric cancer.

Stranger Things fans and the stars themselves have been adamant about their disinterest in more characters being added to the already crowded ensemble. However, it seems like they’re willing to make an exception for Weird Al. Sure, he might not be all that invaluable when it comes to helping the crew in Hawkins, Indiana defeat the evil Vecna, but he could bring some levity to what will likely to be a tense send-off season. At the very least, the idea of him joining the cast has fans cracking jokes about what his appearance in the show could look like:

  • We all knew that only Weird Al could save Hawkins!! 🙂‍↕️ - @vixidiscrepo

  • Don't play D&D with them 😱 - @billruthdean

  • He turns up at the institute singing 'like a surgeon ' 😁 - @adx392

  • Episode should be called 'Weird Things' - @dudegabebrown

  • Newest episode: Weird Al defeats Vecna w the polka - @mischa.moo_

Fans know that music is one way to defeat Vecna, as evidenced by the end of Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2. So maybe Wierd Al has been the missing ingredient this whole time! Or perhaps the Duffer Brothers could really pull a fast one on fans and have the comedian/actor be the real villain like @philconsequence suggests on Instagram:

The best way to end stranger things would be if the kids had to kill weird Al 😂

Weird Al Yankovic might not be joining the cast as a new character alongside Linda Hamilton, but he could make a brief cameo as himself. It would make sense since Gaten Matarazzo’s character is canonically a fan of his music. Said factoid was pointed out by Eddie Munson, whose death is still speculated on.

If Stranger Things fans have learned one thing over the last four seasons, it’s that anything, including the impossible, is possible within the hit Netflix show. While we won’t know for a while whether Weird Al will make a trip to Hawkins for, fans can revisit the first four seasons of the show with an active Netflix subscription. Or check out Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which is streaming on Roku Channel now.