Stranger Things: Metallica finally meet Joseph Quinn and gift him Eddie Munson guitar

Joseph Quinn has fulfilled a dream on behalf of his Stranger Things character by meeting heavy metal legends Metallica.

The actor plays fan-favourite Eddie Munson in the fourth season of the Netflix fantasy show. In one of the season’s most popular scenes, Eddie plays the 1986 Metallica hit “Master of Puppets” on the electric guitar as a way of distracting demons from attacking his friends.

The moment has been hailed as one of the best in the show so far and has resulted in the song and Metallica themselves gaining thousands of new fans across the world.

Metallica have repeatedly expressed their approval over the show’s use of the song, as well as Quinn’s performance. Most recently, they played the Stranger Things scene on a giant screen as they closed their Lollapalooza set with “Master of Puppets”.

Elsewhere at the Chicago festival, it has been revealed that the band and the actor finally met in a specially filmed backstage moment.

"I'm a big fan of [the show], have been since season one,” Metallica frontman James Hetfield told the actor. “My kids and I, it's been a bonding experience for us."

Quinn then thanked the band for allowing the show to use their song, to which Hetfield said: “Thanks for doing it justice, by the way. You definitely did.”

Joseph Quinn with Metallica frontman James Hetfield (Netflix)
Joseph Quinn with Metallica frontman James Hetfield (Netflix)

"It's all I was listening to for two years,” Quinn replied.

The actor then goes to join the band in a jam session, after which drummer Lars Ulrich joked that Quinn was the fifth member of the group.

“We'd like to make an announcement: Metallica is now a five-piece, guys!” he said.

Finally, the clip shows the band giving a stunned Quinn a signed replica of the guitar he played in Stranger Things (the Duffer brothers reportedly wouldn’t let him keep the original), plus a special pass that with “get him in anywhere”.